CFL1 Trainer, CF Kids

Why do you CrossFit?

Because it’s hard. And because it’s fun.

What do you like about coaching?

I love coaching. I believe your health (both physical and emotional) is your most important responsibility. As a coach, I am given the opportunity to be a part of someone’s wellness journey each time they step into one of my classes. That’s an honor to me. I get inspired when I see people showing up and putting in the hard work to better their health. The CrossFit community has an almost magical way of bringing people together, encouraging and supporting each other, and creating connections that turn into awesome friendships. That’s priceless. I may be coaching, but it mostly feels like I’m hanging out with friends. You can’t beat that.

What is your favorite movement?

I can only pick one? Single arm dumbell snatch. Burpees. Burpee box jumps. Toes to bar. Ring muscle ups.

Favorite post-workout meal?

I don’t have a general post workout meal….how about general favorite meal: chocolate and peanut butter.  Or food weakness: chocolate chip cookies!

What’s a fun fact about you outside the gym?

I was born with an incredibly rare condition called KTS (Klippel–Trénaunay syndrome) and I have yet to meet another person who also has it