TODD HALLS, Owner, CFL2 Trainer

Why do you CrossFit?

It's fun! Its challenging! It continually improves my fitness, strength, and well-being...physically and mentally.  And, I have seen the positive impact it has had on so many people.

What do you like about coaching?

The community!  And, seeing women and men find strengths and capabilities that they didn't know they had.   And, seeing those women and men share their strength and capabilities with others as they encourage and support them on their journey...The community!

Favorite movement?

The squat.  Any variation.

Favorite post-workout meal:

Spinach salad, a steak, and a baked potato with butter and sour cream. Or: 32 oz whole milk.

One fun fact about you outside the gym?

I love coffee!!


Why do you CrossFit?

Because it's hard. And because it's fun. 

What do you like about coaching?

I love coaching. I believe your health (both physical and emotional) is your most important responsibility. As a coach, I am given the opportunity to be a part of someone's wellness journey each time they step into one of my classes. That's an honor to me. I get inspired when I see people showing up and putting in the hard work to better their health. The CrossFit community has an almost magical way of bringing people together, encouraging and supporting each other, and creating connections that turn into awesome friendships. That's priceless. I may be coaching, but it mostly feels like I'm hanging out with friends. You can't beat that. 

What is your favorite movement?

I can only pick one? Single arm dumbell snatch. Burpees. Burpee box jumps. Toes to bar. Ring muscle ups.

Favorite post-workout meal?

I don't have a general post workout about general favorite meal: chocolate and peanut butter.  Or food weakness: chocolate chip cookies!

What's a fun fact about you outside the gym?

I was born with an incredibly rare condition called KTS (Klippel–Trénaunay syndrome) and I have yet to meet another person who also has it


Why do you CrossFit?

I CrossFit because I enjoy having more energy with my kids to be able to keep up with them, and because of the community of encouragement and the push I get from everyone at the gym to do my best.  Also because I don't have to come up with a program--rather I just show up and do the WOD.  I also CrossFit because the movements strengthen me in my everyday life.

What do you like about coaching?

I like the people.   Getting to know new people, hanging out with people that I have known for a long time, and everything in between.  I have so much fun going through form with people--to see them start from horrible form to nailing it gets me jazzed!

Favorite post-workout meal?

Coffee, six eggs, four slices of bacon, one cup greek yogurt with some Jay Rob Whey protein in it, and hash browns.

One fun fact about you outside the gym:

I am a major Star Wars nerd with my seven year old son and wife.   My goal is to spend one day watching all eight movies in chronological order.


Why do you CrossFit?    

Two things: community and confidence. The people make this place and I’ve formed friendships I never would have imagined. I also love the confidence that CrossFit has given me in all areas of my life.  After years of distance running and not much else, lifting heavy things over my head and seeing the changes in my body and my mind have been amazing. It’s pretty cool to be in mid-life and be developing new skills every day. I also get to share this joy with my husband, mom, and kids, all of whom participate--three generations getting stronger by the day!

What do you like about coaching?    

Watching people catch on to new weightlifting movements or reach a goal is gratifying. First box jump, first pull-up, first time touching their toes--we get to be there to see it and cheer them on.  Lives are constantly changing and it’s amazing to be a part of it.

 What is your favorite movement/workout?   

I love the power clean.  When it goes wrong it’s so wrong, so frustrating, or so funny--but when it goes right, it’s so so right!  

 Favorite post-workout meal?  

Roasted yams, egg white omelette with broccoli, spinach, and onions. A massive handful of raspberries.  And coffee.  Plus coconut water with my protein powder.  And a little more coffee.  

One fun fact about you outside the gym?

I’m a licensed home birth midwife and get to catch sweet babies as they’re born.

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